pdf. Archive content seen physically. Reference components. Example reference. Bills. Link to this segment. Citation features. Example citation. Reference components. Example references. Homelessness Reduction Bill. (2016) Dwelling of Commons. (Invoice seven 2016-2017) London: TSO. Children and Social Function Invoice.

(2017) Household of Lords. (Invoice 121 2016-2017) London: TSO. Key details. Use the Home in which the Invoice originated i. e.

Home of Commons or Property of Lords. Books/eBooks. Link to this area. Example quotation. rn(Cottrell, 2011) OR, if making use of a ‘direct quote’, (Cottrell, 2011:97)Reference aspects. Author’s surname/s, Preliminary/s. (Yr of publication) Title of book (in italics) . Edition if applicable. , Location of publication: Publisher. Example reference. Cottrell, S.

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(2011) Vital thinking skills: producing helpful examination and argument. , Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Briefing papers. Link to this segment. Example citation. rn(Baker, 2017) OR, if applying a ‘direct quote’, (Baker, 2017:6)Reference factors. Author’s surname/s, Initial/s. (Calendar year of publication) Title of paper (in italics) . Organisation/division identify briefing 250 word essay quora paper quantity. Position of publication: Publisher. [On line] [Obtain day] URL. Example reference. Baker, C.

(2017) Incident and unexpected emergency stats: demand from customers, functionality and force. Household of Commons Library Briefing Paper no.

London: Household of Commons Library. [On the internet] [Accessed on third April 2017] https://researchbriefings. files. parliament. british isles/files/SN06964/SN06964. pdf. Case Legislation. Link to this segment. Example citation. rn(Option Ability Resolution Ltd v Central Electrical energy Board, 2014) OR, if applying a ‘direct quote’, (Option Electrical power Answer Ltd v Central Electricity Board, 2014:884)Reference aspects. Party Names (separated by a ‘v’ and in italics) [Calendar year the scenario was heard] Volume quantity (if offered) Law Report abbreviation Begin site. Example references. Alternative Electricity Answer Ltd v Central Electricity Board.

[2014] 4 All ER 882. Mountgarrett (Rt Hon Viscount) v Claro H2o Board. (1963) fifteen P and CR fifty three. Key points. The use of round and square brackets: Square brackets are employed when the date is critical to locate the circumstance, simply because there many volumes each 12 months. If the date is not important to identify the case, because there is only just one volume per yr, the calendar year must be entered in spherical brackets. Chapter in an edited book. Link to this area. Use this structure when you are using an edited e book exactly where the chapters are prepared by various authors. Example quotation. Note: The author whose surname you use will be the chapter’s author, not the editor of the ebook. rn(Dickson, 2006) OR, if making use of a ‘direct quote’, (Dickson, 2006:167)Reference elements. Surname of the creator/s who wrote the chapter, Original/s. (Year of publication) ‘Title of the chapter. ‘ In (in italics) Surname of the editor/s, First/s. (ed/s. ) Title of reserve (in italics) .

Version if relevant. , Position of publication: Publisher, 1st and final webpage numbers of the chapter. Example reference. Dickson, D. (2006) ‘Reflecting. ‘ In Hargie, O. (ed. ) The handbook of communication competencies . , London: Routledge, pp. If the publication date of the chapter is various to the publication day of the guide, you need to contain the two dates in your reference, as follows:Reference aspects. Surname of the author/s who wrote the chapter, Initial/s.

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