planteja la qьestiу de . ]rn.

sets a really serious dilemma mark in opposition to . rn. casts a really serious question on . It continues to be to be seen (nonetheless) regardless of whether. It is to be doubted irrespective of whether. It may possibly effectively be that . but is surely questionable. but I marvel whether or not. but it is tricky to be confident. It can’t be ruled out that. It would be harmful to assume that. It is as effectively to remind ourselves. Conceding a position, expressing settlement. We must acknowledge .

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We might agreee that. It ought to be admitted / granted. I concur with her on . but not on . She claims, rightly in my perspective, that . Nothing could be far more true than . rn. helps make an incredibly perspicacious remark about . rn.

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these criticism have some validity. I want to increase some objections / Some objections can be lifted versus . I want to make some reservations . rn. refutes the domywriting claim that . It is really hard to agree with . rn. is thoroughly inaccurate . is extremely far from the truth . is of really doubtful validity. rn.

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is not deserving of our consideration. there is not the slightest evidence to justify these a assert. rn. really should not go unchallenged. I come across it impossible to take / agree. We are unable to approve of. It is regrettable that . It is a pity that . It is tricky to see how. Emphasizing unique factors. Moreover, it is substantial that . It is perfectly worthy of noting that .

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Paraphrasing Technique

It is attention-grabbing to note . It may well be a good thought . It is critical to notice that . I desire to aim our focus on . Most vital of all,rn.

and, what is even extra important,Not only does [this passage enlighten us], but it also . the position/difficulties is not that . but relatively that. Let us recall that . Permit us be clear that. It must not be neglected. It is no coincidence that . It is necessary at this place to think about. rn. deserves special consideration. rn.

is especially fascinating in that . Introducing a restatement or clarification. Making a correction, introducing an opposite idea. Sentence connectors : having said that, alternatively, nevertheless, nonetheless, on the other hand, in contrast. Clause connectors : but, however even though, while, even though, whereas, though. in spite of of [noun] / regardless of of [noun]It is alternatively a query of. introducing an option. Sentence connectors : normally, alternatively. Clause connectors : or if , unless. Indicating the trigger or rationale. Clause connectors : for, for the reason that, because, as. because of, as a end result of, as a consequence of, thanks to,it will absolutely be because of to. Indicating the implications, the consequence, the impact. Sentence connectors: Consequently , thus, as a result, consequently, accordingly, as a consequence, as a consequence. the consequence of, the rationale for, that lead to of,to outcome in, to lead to, to have an result on, to have an effect on. rn. which will direct to . the outcome of . will be that . rn. which implies that . it follows from this reasoning that . rn. which would seem to verify that . Sentence connectors : In distinction, on the contrary, in comparison, having said that, on the other hand.

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